Council Meeting

The WHA holds its annual Council meeting, followed by a business Meeting, during its annual conference. Each is chaired by the President or, in the President’s absence, by the Vice President. WHA Council meetings are where the nine elected Council members, the four executive officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary), the editors of the WHA’s four publications, the Executive Director, committee chairs, former presidents, and invited guests meet to discuss and decide important academic and managerial issues facing the association, with only the nine council members and the four executive officers voting. Any WHA member may attend as a non-participating observer.

The business meetings, which follow a day or two later, are open to the active participation of all WHA members interested in the state and future of the association. At the business meetings, actions taken at the recent Council meeting are announced, and the Executive Director, President, Treasurer, and other officers, council members, and committee chairs report on issues affecting the association, including budget decisions, cost/profit results and projections, and significant goals and problems. Just as important, the questions and advice of all members in attendance are solicited and recorded. In essence, the business meetings are open forums, and WHA members should consider active attendance at them to be a duty of membership.