Autumn Irish History Talk Series Returns

This November, the President’s Talk series returns with a new lineup of speakers from the historical and legal disciplines with lectures every Thursday evening at 7:00pm GMT. Supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs Reconciliation Fund and hosted by Clifton House, this year’s theme, An Iconic Belfast Institution: The Belfast Charitable Society and its Pivotal Role in the Social, Economic, and Political Life of Georgian and Victorian Belfast, investigates the Society’s shared and contested historical narratives during this period of Belfast’s development.

The lectures will be shown via Zoom, beginning with Raymond Gillespie’s presentation entitled “The Origins of the Belfast Charitable Society and the Problem of Poverty in Georgian Belfast” on November 3rd, followed by Kenneth Dawson’s “A House Divided: Belfast, Its Charitable Society, and the 1798 Rebellion” on November 10. The lectures continue on November 17 with Professor Christine Kinealy’s “The Poor Laws and Belfast’s Hidden Famine,” while Sir Ronnie Weatherup’s “Marquis’s and Marriage: A Legal Case Study of the Donegal Family” and “I do and I don’t: The Yelverton Case” conclude the series on November 24.

The ticket pre-sale is for a block booking of all four lectures. Tickets for individual lectures are £6 per lecture, and those for attending all four by Zoom are £20. For more information and block booking, please visit