WHA Teaching Prize


The World History Association is committed to awarding teachers across grade levels who maintain the use of current world history research in classroom practice. To fully recognize these efforts, beginning in 2019 this award will merge into the William H. McNeill Teaching Scholarship for our annual conferences. The winning teacher of the McNeill Fellowship will present a paper at the WHA Conference and be awarded $750 for travel. For more information about submission, please see archive.thewha.org/conferences/conference-scholarships/.

Past Winners


  • Gustavo Carrera, Shore Country Day School (Beverly, MA), “The Struggle for Freedom & Equality is World Wide: The Cold War, Civil Rights & Decolonization”


  • Patrick Crawford, Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences (Fort Worth), “Multimedia Approach to a Global Perspective of the Cold War”


No prize awarded.


  • Melanie G. Krob, Isidore Newman School (New Orleans), “Mao Zedong and the Cultural Revolution”


No prize awarded.


  • Colleen S. Kyle, Lakeside Upper School (Seattle), “Should They Stay or Should They Go? The Jesuits, the Qing, and the Chinese Rites Controvery”
  • Honorable mention: David C. Fisher, University of Texas at Brownsville, “World History in State Standards: A Research Assignment for College Juniors and Seniors”


  • Michael A. Marcus, Berlin High School (Berlin, Connecticut) (retired), “Endless Cloth: Lessons from India for a Cross-Cultural Approach to World History”


  • Suzanne Litrel, Bay Shore High School (Bay Shore, New York), “Before the Opium Wars: Panel Discussion and Debate”


  • Daniel Greenstone, Oak Park and River Forest High School (Oak Park, Illinois), “Teaching the Axial Age through a Biographical Comic Book of Buddha’s Life”


  • Sharlene Sayegh, California State University, Long Beach, “The Logical Fallacies of Nationalism: Critical Thinking in the World-History Classroom”


  • Cedric Beidatsch, University of West Australia, “Gateway to the Seventeenth Century: Dutch Shipwrecks on the West Australian Coast”


  • Maggie Favretti, Scarsdale High School (Scarsdale, New York), “Bound by a Silver Chain: 1571”


  • Monica Bond-Lamberty, James Madison Memorial High School (Madison, Wisconsin), “Is There Really Something New under the Sun?”


  • Michael A. Marcus, Berlin High School (Berlin, Connecticut), “Steppes to Civilization: Tracing the World History of ‘Global Systems’ through Textiles and an Interdisciplinary Approach”

2003 (co-winners)

  • Jessica Young, Oak Park and River Forest High School (Oak Park, Illinois), “A World History Research Education Project Adaptable for Honors, Advanced Placement, or Collegiate World History Classes”
  • Linda Black, Cypress Falls High School (Houston, Texas), “The Economic Role of Women in World History”


  • Linda Karen Miller, Fairfax High School (Fairfax, Virginia), “Japanese Colonialism in Korea, 1910–1945”