Immediate Opening: Subject Matter Expert in World History

Position Details

The Center for Curriculum Redesign (CCR) wishes to hire a worldly and open-minded SME to advise it and lead the team on a deep redesign of a 3-trimester 9th grade World History course, that will explicitly develop essential content, core concepts, and skills/character/meta-learning abilities.  The assignment requires a commitment of 5-8 hours/week, immediately until end of December to develop the curriculum during 2021, with a possibility to continue on to co-develop the courseware through June 2022. The team will research best practices and materials worldwide, to create a best-in-class course unencumbered by local politics or dogmas.

About the CCR

The mission of the CCR is to answer the timely question “What should students learn for the 21st Century?”, and openly propagate its recommendations on a worldwide basis. The CCR brings together non-governmental organizations (particularly the OECD), jurisdictions, academic institutions, corporations, and non-profit organizations including foundations. Reshaping the “What” of Education is ever-more critical in the context of economic and social justice/equity issues, which are being amplified by new technologies (AI, Biotech etc.) and planetary-wide problems (global warming, pandemic, etc.). It has published its “Four-Dimensional Education” book as free download, and its framework is available in 22 languages.

Interested applicants may email Charles Fadel, founder and chairman of the CCR, at