New History Talks from Clifton House

Next month the Belfast Charitable Society will host a number of online history talks, which will be broadcast live from the beautiful Georgian building in Belfast, Clifton House. 

The series starts on Thursday 4th November, and covers the Years of Conflict and Transformation in Belfast, 1900 – 1925′. Funded by the Reconciliation Fund, these five lectures have been developed in conjunction with Dr. Eamon Phoenix and other noted historians. Each lecture will last approximately 60 minutes followed by a Q&A session.

  1.  4 Nov | The North Began: Political and Cultural Stirrings in Belfast 1900-25 | Dr. Éamon Phoenix
  2. 11 Nov | Belfast and the First World War: From Mobilisation to a City Divided 1914-20 | Jim McDermott
  3. 25 Nov | A Volatile Cocktail: Politics, Sectarianism and the North Belfast Election of 1905 | Dr. Alan Parkinson
  4.  2 Dec | Emerging Identities: Women in Belfast 1900-25 | Dr. Myrtle Hill
  5. 9 Dec| Supping at the Bitter Gourd: The Belfast Labour Movement 1900-25 | John Gray

(7pm UK / 11am in California / 12am in Texas / 1pm in Chicago & New Orleans / 2pm in Ohio / 5pm in New York)

The talks will be held weekly on Thursdays from 4 November, with the exception of 18 November, and cost £6 each or £25 for a block booking of all five. Find out more here:

In addition, on the 18th November, the Belfast Charitable Society and the Mary Ann McCracken Foundation will host their inaugural annual lecture entitled ‘ Women’s Role in Society: The Experience in Afghanistan.

Those attending will hear from Sima and Sara, who both left the country to escape the Taliban. Contributions to this event also come from Bilal, an Afghan national who served as Cultural Advisor and Interpreter for British Forces in Afghanistan. Bilal was forced to move to Australia at the end of 2014 following death threats from the Taliban. A recent BBC Spotlight programme highlighted the recent escape from Afghanistan to Ireland of Bilal’s family after similar threats were made.

To find out more or to book, visit