Reframing Revolutions

Thanks to everyone who participated in this week’s third Under the Baobab session: Reframing Revolutions: Centering Indigenous, Black, and Women’s Voices in the Age of Revolutions. Angela Lee, Eric Beckman and Bram Hubbell restructured the workshop they had planned for the WHA’s 2020 annual meeting, adapting it to our new Zoom reality.

As a teacher, I appreciate the ways in which they focused our attention on learning outcomes for the session (center women and people of color in narratives that are too often replicated as world changing because of the actions of white men) and adapted their presentation from in-person to online delivery, including primary sources to support each presentation.

Micaela Bastida Puyucahua, an anti-colonial leader in eighteenth century Peru. And also the wife of Tupac Amaru II, who makes it into history textbooks more often than she does. Go figure. Image credit: Mujeres Bacanas

As an administrator, I appreciate their initiative to create programming that addresses the urgent political climate of the United States and supports teachers at all levels as we grapple with delivering a quality educational experience online. (If our students were all as eager to learn world history as the participants in Tuesday’s workshop were, then the prevalence of distance instruction would not be sending teachers around the world into a tailspin.)

The WHA staff is working to get the recording of the plenary parts of the workshop edited and posted online as a resource for those who couldn’t attend. A lot of the magic happened in breakout rooms, which weren’t recorded. We do, however, have notes from the breakout rooms.
Some participants requested a DBQ Cathy Atwell wrote on Revolutions and the Enlightenment. Cathy generously shared what she has of the file; alas some of the images are cut off.

We also saved the chat log, which was very active and has lots citations and links to additional resources.

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Tuesday’s presenters are also fabulous resources on Twitter:
Bram Hubbell: @bramhubbell
Eric Beckman: @ERBeckman
Angela Lee: @mrshistorylee

Laura Mitchell

WHA President