Planned Giving

As a supporter and member of the World History Association, you realize the importance of the organization and its mission. You also realize the importance of a stable financial foundation and may have already considered placing the WHA in your planned giving so that you may have a continuing impact on world history education and research.

We currently rely on your help to sustain the WHA through your membership and contributions in the short term, but we also need your help to ensure the long-term viability of the WHA. You have the significant ability to accomplish this through your estate planning as an expression of your vision and your commitment to world history. While your bequest will not affect your financial situation during your lifetime, your gift will provide an important legacy to ensure the continued success of the WHA.

Some common ways to include the WHA in your planned giving in your will or trust include a gift as a percentage of your total estate, a specific dollar amount, or specific gifts (cash, stocks, bonds, IRAs, life insurance, royalty income, charitable gift annuity, charitable trust annuity, remainder annuity, remainder trust, or property).

Unrestricted gifts are the most flexible for the WHA. Most chose to name the WHA as a direct beneficiary in a bequest, but some may name the WHA as a residual estate beneficiary or as a contingency beneficiary, after other specific desires are provided for. Certain gifts have more significant tax advantages, while others can provide a lifetime of retirement income for you, which then continue on to the WHA in the future. Consulting your estate attorney and letting him or her know your wishes is the first step—the vehicle chosen will depend upon your individual desires.

Many sample bequest forms can be easily found online or at your local library, but your financial advisor or attorney is best equipped to assist you in the specific planning of any gifts and to ensure your wishes are correctly carried out. If you have already prepared your will or trust, you may simply add to it to make a gift to the WHA through a codicil or an amendment.

When you do put us in your planned giving, kindly notify us of your intentions for our confidential records, and include our full legal name and address in your documents, which is: World History Association, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, headquartered at 245 Meserve Hall, Northeastern University, 360 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115. Our Federal Tax ID number is 22-2464092.

With your permission, the WHA would also like to add your name (but not details of your gifts) to its publicly acknowledged benefactors. Please understand that any bequest, no matter its size, will be a thoughtful legacy that will have a positive impact for many years to come.

We thank all who have included the WHA in their estate planning. The following individuals, in hopes of encouraging others to join them in their planned giving, have asked to make their names public:

  • Alfred J. Andrea
  • Roger Beck
  • Marc Jason Gilbert
  • Christopher Ince