Comics Culture: Scholarship & Teaching

The American comic book was born in 1933, first as a collection of popular newspaper comic strips published in a tabloid-sized magazine. By the end […]

2020 Scholarly Award Winners

The WHA’s awards and scholarships provide both financial support and recognition to world historians doing innovative work at all stages of their careers. Our 2020 […]

Reframing Revolutions

Angela Lee, Eric Beckman and Bram Hubbell restructured the workshop they had planned for the WHA’s 2020 annual meeting, adapting it to our new Zoom reality.

The WHA Challenges Racism

The WHA officers express our solidarity with the global protest movement in defense of the lives and dignity of all Black people

Pandemic Perspectives: Seoul

My friends started wearing masks to school, so I followed along, not sure of the stakes.

H/21: New Teaching Resources

We’re looking for modules that are inquiry based, and that combine important and innovative perspectives.

An Invitation to Post-Pandemic Education

What could the education landscape look like when we’re allowed to re-open, in this, the best of all possible worlds?


Fighting on two fronts: Covid-19 in Johannesburg

Considerable challenges still confront a much South Africa, many of which threaten to undermine the good work being done to slow the spread of Covid-19.

Learning from the Past: Pandemic, Lagos, & History

State actors appear to have learned nothing from history. We are replicating old control measures to tackle a new virus operating in new social and geo-demographic spaces.

2020 Conference Cancelled

Our 2020 annual meeting is cancelled. Although the WHA staff and officers are very, very disappointed not to see all of you in person this June, we prioritize your health and safety above all other considerations.

Pandemic WH Pedagogy from UC Berkeley

What do World History teachers need to know in order to teach during a pandemic?

Canonical History of Epidemics Available For Free Download

There is a crucial link between modern epidemics and poverty; epidemics will continue to plague us until contemporary governments recognize and act to remedy this reality.


Curated Online WH Resources

WHC features a wide variety of world history materials that introduce new humanities scholarship to researchers, teachers, and students.

Model voice-overs

Distance or online delivery does offer several advantages that I would encourage you to consider leveraging.


Remote learning spaces

Practice compassion. It’s going to be very hard for many of our students to stay plugged in while the demands and distractions of life at home take them out of their campus headspace.

Edu-Labor in a crisis

We’d be short-sighted not to ask questions about performance evaluations and opportunities for advancement while working through a period of crisis.

State of Japan

A recent survey revealed only 40% of people in Japan plan to let the virus keep them from attending an ever-popular hanami, a flower viewing picnic party


WHAP-specific Resources

AP and studying is the last thing we all want to think about right now. We’re all thinking about our families and health, as we should be. But with so much tied to standardized exams, we can’t just ignore them. Supporting each other through this crisis is more important than any test.

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Teaching online: 1st steps

How do we adapt to online teaching? What’s the first step?


Today the WHA launches a new blog, Pandem-mondus, to provide a map and some company for the long, strange, trip that is now our classrooms and communities.