Teach in the Time of Corona(virus)

The WHA is pleased to share our special issue of the World History Bulletin that addresses the challenges and opportunities of teaching through a global public health crisis. Subscription to the WHB is a benefit of WHA membership. Without diminishing the value of membership, the WHA leadership felt this information was simply too important to keep behind a paywall.

The current issue, published mid-June 2020, addresses teaching, researching, and grappling with daily life in a world upended. The collected essays make a time-sensitive case for the unique contributions of world history, asserting its continued relevance and rebutting assertions that world history’s sun has set. This issue includes authors based in Nigeria, England, Greece, Australia, Korea, Brazil, Canada, and the United States. Their contributions are geographically and temporally broad, unintentionally approaching “world history by accumulation.”

The issues’s 19 essays are divided into five section:
I. Disruption & Destabilization
II. Disease & Knowledge Production
III. Disease & Health Management
IV. Disease & Culture
V. Plagues, Poxes, & Displacements: Comparative Histories

A PDF is available on the WHA website.
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